Repurpose General Store

re: Purpose is a unique storefront boutique located at Operation Come Home. The boutique products have an emphasis on recycled materials and young artisan creations. The boutique sells products from social enterprises, artisans and youth products that are made by at risk and homeless youth at OCH. The boutique stocks products that are unique, high quality and many are re: purposed. Products that are sold in the boutique provide jobs for at risk and homeless youth and give local enterprises and artisans an opportunity to sell their products. A portion of the product sales are re-directed back into re: Purpose to sustain the enterprise.


BeadWorks offers street-involved and at-risk youth a safe and creative space to design, craft, and sell one of a kind jewellery. The jewellery is sold at our re: Purpose storefront at 150 Gloucester St. and on this website.

BeadWorks uses jewellery and art as a means to offer youth a supportive space, a creative outlet, a healthy meal, social opportunities, business skills and is often used as a stepping stone for youth to access other supports and services.

The majority of BeadWorks supplies are donated, deconstructed and reused in our bead bank, where our youth transform them into new one of a kind creations. BeadWorks is always grateful to receive donations of beads and charms. If you have any supplies or old jewellery that you would like to donate to BeadWorks, please drop it off at our boutique located at 150 Gloucester Street or contact Natalie Elliot at



  1. A Touch of Glass
  2. Amber Golden
  3. Beadworks
  4. Bejewelled
  5. Doozy Candles
  6. Eastcoaster
  7. Eco Equitable
  8. Featured Artists
  9. HTD Design
  10. Jane Weiserman
  11. Kozimo
  12. Lindsey Weatherhead
  13. Maama Watali
  14. Magic Needles
  15. Mystic Makings
  16. Odd.Kat
  17. TableWorks
  18. Tender Thorn
  19. The Laughing Crow
  20. Umuko Projects

and more.....


    Repurpose General Store is located in the Centretown area of Ottawa. We feature local artists and artisans who create upcycled and recycled products. But our favourite part? The BeadWorks jewelry created by the youth who access Operation Come Home. BeadWorks provides youth with creative outlets, some income and a safe place for them to spend their afternoons. Visit us soon so we can tell you more about our store!