Repurpose General Store

Natalie Elliott
Director of Programs

"Heart, passion and respect for human worth and dignity goes along way with Natalie Elliott, Director of Programs at Operation Come Home (OCH). Giving at-risk and or homeless youth a chance in life is why she believes so strongly in re:Purpose, BeadWorks and everything they stand for.  In 2012, Elliott hired the first youth ever to run and coordinate BeadWorks, a social enterprise at OCH.  Since then, this youth has developed her skills and she now operates the re:Purpose storefront. Our youth need chances to learn and even to make mistakes. Opportunities are out there, we just have to believe in our youth."


Repurpose General Store is located in the Centretown area of Ottawa. We feature local artists and artisans who create upcycled and recycled products. But our favourite part? The BeadWorks jewelry created by the youth who access Operation Come Home. BeadWorks provides youth with creative outlets, some income and a safe place for them to spend their afternoons. Visit us soon so we can tell you more about our store!